5 Essential Features Of Shopify Plus That Will Increase Sales

Shopify Plus That Will Increase Sales

Every large online store has a goal of improving traffic and conversion. With this, you need to have features that will help you to achieve this. Shopify plus is an enterprise e-commerce platform that comes with features that will help you reach more customers and enhance their experience. Also, it is easy to use. Thus, you will not have worries of searching for a designer to perform the task for you. Let’s have a clear view of Shopify plus features that will help you increase sales:

Multiple stores

If you run more than one store, Shopify plus is the best enterprise e-commerce platform for you. It will allow you to have more up to 10 stores. Having many stores is one great way to increase sales as customers will use a store of their choice. With this platform, your site will work well for the various stores. It will sync all the orders on a central place to ease the order management process.


Shopify plus plays a crucial role in enhancing ranking on search engines. It comes with the SEO feature that will enable search engine users to find your site with ease. However, the SEO cannot work alone. You will have an enormous task of developing unique keywords to improve the rankings.

Integration with Facebook

In this era, people are not only using Facebook to share jokes and images but also to search for the best products. Hence, using Shopify plus as your enterprise e-commerce platform could be a good idea. It will allow you to share your ads on Facebook. Because this social media network has a massive number of users, you will convey a message to many people. With this, you can increase traffic as well as sales.

Multi-channel integration

Customers use different channels to search for the best products. There are those who use marketplaces, Facebook, search engines, and others offline stores. Hence, listing your products on various sales channels can help you increase sales. Shopify plus being one of the leading enterprise e-commerce platforms will allow you to list your products on more than 20 sales channels.

Mobile optimization

This feature can have a positive impact on your business. Almost every customer uses a mobile device to browse online. Hence, Shopify is a great platform that will allow millions of mobile users to navigate easily through your website.

Final thoughts

Shopify plus cares for its users. It ensures that the users run a successful enterprise e-commerce business. Hence, giving this platform a priority is a good idea as you will achieve your goal.


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